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 Rules you must follow

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Rules you must follow Empty
PostSubject: Rules you must follow   Rules you must follow Icon_minitimeSat Jan 16, 2010 5:32 pm

These are rules pertaining to this site. I am trying to run a respectable site and keep things in order. If you cannot follow simple rules then please do not join this league.

1) NEVER discuss this site on footballs future. Webby is very anal about forums being connected with his site. This needs to be on the DL or we all risk being banned.

2) No arguing over any of this. This is suppose to be fun and arguing with each other ruins the experience for everyone else involved. Plus I am a dick and will ban you without asking what happened Smile

3) Swearing is permitted as we are MOSTLY adults, but let's keep the name calling out of things.

I will add more rules as time goes on so please check back here occasionally.
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Rules you must follow
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