Be the GM of your favorite NFL team. Control the salary, players and roster.
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 Rules for GM's

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PostSubject: Rules for GM's   Rules for GM's Icon_minitimeSat Jan 16, 2010 5:42 pm

GM's run their teams not the head coaches or scouts. If the team is not following these rules then the GM is at fault and will face the consequences. If you need a co-GM that is fine, but then you BOTH will be held accountable. This is to ensure this league continues to move forward and we are not delayed by GM's.

1) Make sure your team specific thread contains ALL OF THESE: Depth chart, salary information, trade block, and approved trades. This is so OTHER teams can see whats going on with your team and can make trade proposals accordingly. The approved trades is to ensure the team's future. If you are fired, banned or quit the next GM needs to know past deals. EXAMPLE:

2) It is the GM's job to keep up-to-date with the teams salary. If you sign a free agent, re-sign a player, trade for a player or sign a draft pick you you need to make sure you stay within the appropriate salary range. Unlike the NFL we will be sticking the the CBA agreement.

3) During the draft you need to either PM your big board to a draft committee member or post one in your teams headquarters.

4) We're not perfect. We will make mistakes while running this thing, so be patient and understanding. If you see a problem bring it to our attention and we will do our best to correct it.

5) Teams will start with the basic 7 draft picks. Trades in real life involving picks will have no affect in this league and will not count. So the picks traded for Jay Cutler will not be given to the Broncos. (Sorry to those select few who will be upset, but we had to draw a line and Madden does not include these anyways)

Rules pertaining free agency and how salaries will work will be posted elsewhere. Rules for GM's will be added occasionally so check back sometimes.
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Rules for GM's
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