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 Releasing Player Rules

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Releasing Player Rules Empty
PostSubject: Releasing Player Rules   Releasing Player Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 16, 2010 10:53 pm

Releasing a player WILL count against your cap.

The penalty amount will be 50% of the player's salary. The penalty will count against your salary cap for however many years are remaining on that player's contract.

EXAMPLE: Houston releases a player with a 2 year 4 points a year contract. Houston will have a penalty of 2 points (50% of the points) for 2 seasons (the life of the contract).

If the amount per season is odd it will result in a .5. So if it was 3 points per season you would get a 1.5 penalty, but YOU ALWAYS ROUND UP!!!! So your hit now becomes 2 points per season.
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Releasing Player Rules
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