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 Free Agency Rules

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PostSubject: Free Agency Rules   Free Agency Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 16, 2010 10:20 pm

Minimum Requirements PER SEASON
Free Agency Rules Jfgr4p

* Points/Year average must be a whole number. For example 31 points/3 years will not be accepted, it must be either 30 points/3 years or 33 points/3 years. This would mean 11 points per season and could be a high profile player. You could NOT sign a 97 overall player for 9 points a season. He REQUIRES a minimum of 10 points per season. (Refer to the chart above when bidding on players.)

**Team salaries would adjust accordingly when trading players. EXAMPLE: Houston trades a 92 overall player with a 3 year 27 point contract for Green Bays 81 overall player with a 3 year 21 point contract and a draft pick. Houston would now have an extra 2 points per season to spend and an extra draft pick, plus the player. Green Bay would have a better player, but less points (make sure you have enough to take on this player) and one less draft pick. You MUST ADJUST your salary IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

During The Season
During the season you can "bid" on any free agent. You have to wait a full 24 hours with no competing "bid" to be awarded the player. EXAMPLE: Houston bids on Player X for 12 points for 3 years (4 points a year) at 1200 PM Monday. If no one else bids on this player before 1200PM on Tuesday Player A becomes a Houston Texan. If Green Bay bids on Player X at 1230 PM for 12 points for 2 years (6 points a year) and no one bids by 1230PM Tuesday then Player X is a Packer.

Breakdown of IMPORTANCE.

1) Total points per contract.

2) Points per season.

3) Number of years signed.

SO, this means. A contract of 12 points for 4 seasons is only 3 points a year. that same 12 point contract, but for 3 years means 4 points a season and TRUMPS the first "bid".

There will be a free agency signing period. It will be a bidding system similar to an offline franchise. The top three offers will be considered. After the top three offers are determined, those three teams will make their final offers and whichever team's offer is the highest will get the player. When you send your offer please specify total amount of points/total amount of years (30 points/3 years). See the chart above for contract requirements. Also, be aware of the IMPORTANCE breakdown.
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Free Agency Rules
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